About Ruth

imageWhen I was 10 or 11, my family lived in Caracas, Venezuela. One afternoon, I accompanied my Dad downtown to pick up an anniversary gift he was having made for my Mother. We rang the bell on a non-descript sidestreet and went up some rickety stairs to a small workshop. There were two elderly men working at jewelers’ benches. While one discussed the project with my father, the other beckoned to me. He asked my name and then took a small piece of gold and began to saw out a small “R”. Once it was cut out, he quickly smoothed the edges and then embellished it with a Florentine finish. The whole process took about ten minutes and I still have my initial pendant. At that moment I decided that I wanted to be a Jeweler.

Years later, in 1984, after working as a jeweler, both in my own studio making Cloisonne enamel jewelry and also working commercially, I decided to take a ceramics class as therapy from the tedium of working with tiny pieces of metal. The class I chose was “Japanese porcelain methods” with Jim Srubek at the University of New Mexico. While I have worked as a jeweler since, I have definitely been a potter. I studied with Jim off and on for 10 years and would still consider myself to be a student of these techniques. I was always intrigued by Crystalline Glazes but was discouraged by all of the potters I knew. Just reading about the process was daunting. When I began working with this glaze, I would sit by my kiln for the entire soak period – 2 to 3 hours, gauging the kiln’s temperature and turning it on or off as needed. Now I have the luxury of computer controllers on my kilns and can program the firing schedule and walk away.

imageToday, I work in my studio at home in Cincinnati, Ohio. My husband, Bill and our three cats: Goodloe, Jimmy and Oscar keep me amused and energized. My daughter Randi has no interest in being a potter but is passionate about training and riding horses and lives in Santa Fe, NM.